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KA161 – Grassboard

All steel grassboards with universal fitting to all other sickle bar mowers

KA4961- Heavy Duty Grassboard

Pitman Style Sickle Bar Mowers


Side Mount


More Information

Parts are available to repair and restore pitman style sickle bar mowers manufactured by the Kosch Company.  This includes pull behind (Trailmaster), tractor mounted (Hayvester), double bar (Trailvester), and mid-mount (belly-mount).  The castings, drive components, pitman components, sickle bars, sickles, and cutting components are all readily available.

The grassboard Part Number KA161 was used on all of the original sickle bar mowers manufactured by Kosch Company.  It can be used on restored sickle bar mowers along with horse drawn sickle bar mowers.